I believe that skin care should contain safe, effective ingredients that deliver as advertised. Azarvi Laboratories was created with that premise in mind.

My name is Andrew Azarvi and I was born in Yorkshire, England. For 22 years I worked in investment banking in London before moving to the USA to start Azarvi skincare. So how does one make the drastic move from finance to skin care?

Acne Destroyed My Confidence...... & Wallet

I suffered from acne since age 13, but unlike most teenagers mine was not a short spell due to puberty. My acne followed me until I was well into my 30s. It wasn’t just a few pimples here and there but rather a pervasive acne that made my face look disfigured and ravaged my back and chest. Unless you have experienced it, one cannot imagine how acne can affect self-confidence and ultimately your social life. (Sadly, we live in a world where physical attractiveness takes precedence over sincerity, therefore quick wit and even gainful employment was not sufficient to win a bride). I tried so many dermatologists, pills, creams and cleansers that promised clear, glowing skin. The only success they delivered was the liberation of funds from my wallet.

I Had to Research & Discover What Worked Best for My Skin

Desperation and disappointment lead me to conduct my own research in hopes of curing my acne. It was a task I embarked upon with missionary zeal. I researched cosmetics ingredients, studied peer-reviewed scientific studies and read a plethora of books and journals about skincare. I started concocting my own creams and topical applications. Nothing was left to chance as I was meticulous about what products to use, the best time to use them and the ideal sequence of application. My new-found knowledge netted exceptional triumph as I compared my before and after photos. Finally…. after almost 30 years. Victory. There was a drastic reduction in my acne but the avantage supplémentaire (additional benefit) was that I also looked years younger. It turns out that the ingredients I favored provided dual benefits for acne and foraying wrinkles. (My picture below was taken a few days after my 43rd birthday). I have never tried Botox or fillers, since facial peels and retinol have so far proven sufficient.

Erasmus said, "There is no joy in possession without sharing." Though I did not envision myself as an entrepreneur, I set sail (OK I arrived by plane) to America to work with experienced chemists and experts in the skin care field. Supported with my personal experience we formulated facial peels, anti-wrinkle treatments, moisturizers, serums and cleansers.

My Promise to You……

Azarvi’s products are well researched. They utilize many of my favorite ingredients such as glycolic acid, retinol, vitamin C, salicylic acid and peptides.

Unlike so many companies, I will not charge you hundreds $$$ for a cream that costs less than $5 to produce. My promise to you is that our products will be effective, safe and priced fairly.

I do appreciate your input, so I encourage you to email or contact me on Social Media!